Cosplay Invitational – Overview

Comic Fiesta 2018 Cosplay Invitational


Through competitions, come winners. And from the performance of the winners, it’s apparent that cosplay is serious business. Armed with passion, dedication and determination, cosplayers from all around the country step up the stage to show you what they’re worth.

Cosplay Invitational is coming back for the fourth time to Comic Fiesta 2018! (How can we not, after all the fabulous performances this past 3 years~?!) If you think you’re awesome and you know you can do it like our past winners (if not better), it’s your destiny to join us.

Here’s what you need to know to enter:

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Cosplay Invitational – Rules, Regulations & Guidelines

Rules, Regulations & Guidelines

• Anyone can join Cosplay Invitational whether you are a Pokemon #039 or Hideyoshi. We don’t discriminate.
• Shortlisted nominees for online voting must confirm with us your interest in participation within five (5) days of receiving notice of your nomination. If you failed to confirm within given period, you will forfeit your nomination and a new representative will be selected.
• Nominees voted in by the public will have two (2) days thereafter to confirm their participation. Please think carefully on your decision and do not FFK! Those who backed out or MIA (Missing in Action) last minute without sufficiently-valid reasons will be blacklisted for the following year.

• Shortlisted nominees will be given free entry to Comic Fiesta 2018. Additional tickets can be provided upon request (up to a maximum of two (2) per participating member) upon confirmation of participation.

• For shortlisted nominees, you must provide three (3) of your cosplay photos in high resolution (minimum 3000×2000, i.e. 6megapixel).
• You don’t have to wear the same costume in all three (3) photos provided.
• Of the photos provided, there must at least be :
– One (1) in landscape,
– One (1) in portrait
– One (1) in either landscape or portrait
• The organiser is arranging for a photoshoot session with CupCat Studios (Date TBC). Participation in this is not mandatory but encouraged.

• All skits performed for the Cosplay Invitational are encouraged to be in English. If you wish to perform in Eltharin, Lekh Dothraki, Khuzdul, Klingonese, binary-bleeps (or any other language for that matter), do consider the comprehension of our judges and provide subtitles whenever necessary.
• The use of pre-made audio, video and/or image files is encouraged. Only the following file formats will be supported,
Audio – .wav
Video – .mov
Image – .jpeg/.jpg/.png

• The use of a recording studio may be requested for and provided pending availability. (Details will be provided upon confirmation of availability.)
• Any audio, video and/or image files/recordings to be used must be sent over for a quality check by 20th November latest.
• If your audio, video and/or image(s) fails the quality check, you need to redo it until the organizers are satisfied.

• You are required to attend Pre-event briefing on a date and time yet to be confirmed. (Exact time will only be confirmed latest by 1st December)
• Thirty (30) minutes before briefing begins, you need to register yourselves at the registration counter.
• We will have one contact person to assist you through the rest of the competition.

Stage & Setup
• The Comic Fiesta 2018 Cosplay Invitational will be held at a venue and time yet to be confirmed.
• Standard Comic Fiesta Cosplay Rules & Regulations will still apply.
• The precise stage dimensions will be confirmed soon.
• Participants will have access to,
o Two (2) 2×5’ IBM tables
o Five (5) standard banquet chairs
o Three (3) cordless microphones
o A projector screen (dimensions to be confirmed)
All participants are encouraged to make full use of the facilities as they deem necessary.
• Additional logistical support (including the use of stage lighting) may be provided upon advance request pending availability.

• Participants will have a maximum of two (2) minutes to set up their skit, and up to eight (8) minutes to perform.
• There can be strictly no “do-overs” or “restarts” on competition day.

• As usual, keep the contents of the skit PG13. That means no blatant vulgarities and/or obscenities.
• No messes on stage. Any messes left behind by a participant will result in a deduction of marks.
• No projectiles may be fired into the audience area. The organizer has the right to disqualify and remove participants from the event premises if they are found to have violated this rule.
• Do not damage the facilities. Any damage sustained while using the facilities will be made the responsibility of the participant.
• If a participant is not sure of what is or not allowed on stage, he/she/they are more than welcome to ask for further clarifications.

Saikangs (i.e. Helpers)
• A maximum of two (2) helpers are allowed for any participant.
• Helpers are not considered into a participant’s member count. (i.e. Regardless of your group size, you will always be able to have up to two (2) helpers.)
• Helpers may assist participants in the set-up of their skit, set-up their costumes, make-up and/or assist in the choreography from off-stage.
• Helpers may also play as props (e.g. a tree), provide on-stage manual effects (e.g. a fireball), in which case, they MUST be covered in black.
• Helpers cannot carry any speaking roles throughout your skit, nor can they play the role of extras.
• Helpers cannot handle any stage equipment. If something needs to be move, it must be done with a request to the stage crew.


Detailed Rules & Regulations
General Competition Rules & Regulations

Cosplay Invitational – General Rules & Regulations


• All communications with respect to any cosplay competition will and must be done in English. It doesn’t have to be perfect Queen’s English (spoken with a pinky held out while sipping on a cup of tea), but it HAS to be in English.
• All communications with respect to a cosplay competition may be done through a non-participating representative (arranged by a participant). In this case, the representative must be made known to the Comic Fiesta Organising Committee at the soonest possible.
• All participants are required to uphold the highest regard for sportsmanship and fair play. Being friendly and fun helps too.
• Participants are encouraged to report any complaints to the Comic Fiesta  Organizing Committee to ensure that any action necessary can be taken in time.
• (As usual) The decisions of the judges are final. Any complaints or concerns brought forth will be obliged, but will not result in a change of the results.

• The Comic Fiesta Organizing Committee will not be held liable to any injuries or losses incurred as a result of a participant’s participation in this competition.
• Participants are required to give their fullest cooperation to the Comic Fiesta organizers and its crew throughout their participation of this competition and its parent event.
• The Comic Fiesta Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify, with due reason, any participant found contravening any of the rules stated above.
• The Comic Fiesta Organizing Committee reserves the right to use any footage captured through the competition and the likeness of any participant for the promotion of the Cosplay Invitational, Comic Fiesta and any of its sister events.
• The Comic Fiesta Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the details of this competition at their own discretion without prior information.


Detailed Rules & Regulations
General Competition Rules & Regulations

Cosplay Invitational – Eligibility


Entry into the Cosplay Invitational is by invitation only.
There are two (2) ways to gain an invitation:
• Gaining a Direct Invitation through an affiliated event*.
• Being voted and shortlisted in Online Invitation through public nomination.


*Affiliated Events

The winner of the cosplay competition of each of our affiliated events will be given a Direct Invitation to the Cosplay Invitational. Our affiliated events are,
• TAGCC 2018
• Animangaki 2018
• Comic Fiesta Mini 2018
• CosMart 2018
Note: All competing cosplay groups registered for Animangaki 2018 & Comic Fiesta Mini 2018 will automatically be submitted for nomination.

Online Invitation
There will be four (4) Online Invitations to be given out this year.

Nomination Submission Deadline: Dates to be confirmed
Nomination Confirmation (latest): Dates to be confirmed
Voting Period: Dates to be confirmed
Finalists Confirmation: Dates to be confirmed

To nominate a person/group, kindly send an email in English to [email protected] with the following details:
– Facebook account, E-mail address and Contact number of the nominee. (you can nominate yourself. 😉 )
– Link to a video of the nominee’s sample skit; either in rehearsal of the skit they wish to do, or of themselves in other performance-centric cosplay competitions.

To be eligible for nomination, you (either solo or group) must:
– Be aged 13 and above.
– Be able to attend Pre-event briefing on a time and date yet to be confirmed.
– Be able to attend Day 2 of Comic Fiesta 2018.
– Have a video of a sample skit* available online.
– For groups, the members cannot exceed more than three (3) people.
*Priority will be given to nominations with videos from competitions held from Oct 2016 onwards.

Again, we need to remind you that participants must be above the age of 12; participants aged 17 or below are required to submit a letter of permission from their parents upon invitation.


Detailed Rules & Regulations
General Competition Rules & Regulations

Cosplay Invitational – FAQ

Must I be a Malaysian to be eligible?
No. However, any prizes that involve travel will only be to and from Malaysia.

Can I nominate myself/my group for an Online Invitation?
Yes. You can nominate anyone you want, be it someone else or yourself.

If my group has earned an Invitation, may I add/remove members from my group?
No. The group composition must remain as it was during the competition which you/your group won it with.

What about my helpers? Am I allowed helpers and can I add/remove them?
You are welcome to change your helpers as you see fit (as long as it is kept to within two (2) people.)

About that, what’s this business on limiting my helpers to two (2)?
There are a lot of reasons, but chief of all is clutter. We want everyone to have a smooth experience, and to do that, we want to minimize the number of moving parts (in this case, people) backstage.

Can I be a participating member of multiple groups?

Can I or my group use different costumes for the Cosplay Invitational (from the ones we wore in our previous competitions)?

It says that I have two (2) minutes to set-up and eight (8) minutes to perform. Does this mean I have a total of ten (10) minutes stage time? Can I have more time to perform if my set-up is super quick (or vice-versa)?
This will be dependent on the judges. We will advise the judges on our rules and regulations, and inform them of the time as it progresses. Whether it should affect your marks will be their individual prerogative.

… But you will call me/my group off the stage at the strike of ten (10) minutes?

Why the blacklisting if I fail to appear? It’s not like I wanted to bail out on you. My costume didn’t turn out that good… ;___;
Sorry, but imagine how you’d feel if you were extremely-super-mega-hyper-to-da-max excited about joining but didn’t get to compete because someone gets the place, only to find out that that someone went MIA afterwards… We really don’t want that to happen. ;____;

May I decline an invitation?
Yes. (But it would make us sad. =( )

Got more questions? Please contact us here and help us expand our FAQ: [email protected]
Interested in becoming an affiliated competition? Please contact us here: [email protected]


Detailed Rules & Regulations
General Competition Rules & Regulations