Cosplay Invitational – FAQ

Must I be a Malaysian to be eligible?
No. However, any prizes that involve travel will only be to and from Malaysia.

Can I nominate myself/my group for an Online Invitation?
Yes. You can nominate anyone you want, be it someone else or yourself.

If my group has earned an Invitation, may I add/remove members from my group?
No. The group composition must remain as it was during the competition which you/your group won it with.

What about my helpers? Am I allowed helpers and can I add/remove them?
You are welcome to change your helpers as you see fit (as long as it is kept to within two (2) people.)

About that, what’s this business on limiting my helpers to two (2)?
There are a lot of reasons, but chief of all is clutter. We want everyone to have a smooth experience, and to do that, we want to minimize the number of moving parts (in this case, people) backstage.

Can I be a participating member of multiple groups?

Can I or my group use different costumes for the Cosplay Invitational (from the ones we wore in our previous competitions)?

It says that I have two (2) minutes to set-up and eight (8) minutes to perform. Does this mean I have a total of ten (10) minutes stage time? Can I have more time to perform if my set-up is super quick (or vice-versa)?
This will be dependent on the judges. We will advise the judges on our rules and regulations, and inform them of the time as it progresses. Whether it should affect your marks will be their individual prerogative.

… But you will call me/my group off the stage at the strike of ten (10) minutes?

Why the blacklisting if I fail to appear? It’s not like I wanted to bail out on you. My costume didn’t turn out that good… ;___;
Sorry, but imagine how you’d feel if you were extremely-super-mega-hyper-to-da-max excited about joining but didn’t get to compete because someone gets the place, only to find out that that someone went MIA afterwards… We really don’t want that to happen. ;____;

May I decline an invitation?
Yes. (But it would make us sad. =( )

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