Cosplay Invitational – General Rules & Regulations


• All communications with respect to any cosplay competition will and must be done in English. It doesn’t have to be perfect Queen’s English (spoken with a pinky held out while sipping on a cup of tea), but it HAS to be in English.
• All communications with respect to a cosplay competition may be done through a non-participating representative (arranged by a participant). In this case, the representative must be made known to the Comic Fiesta Organising Committee at the soonest possible.
• All participants are required to uphold the highest regard for sportsmanship and fair play. Being friendly and fun helps too.
• Participants are encouraged to report any complaints to the Comic Fiesta  Organizing Committee to ensure that any action necessary can be taken in time.
• (As usual) The decisions of the judges are final. Any complaints or concerns brought forth will be obliged, but will not result in a change of the results.

• The Comic Fiesta Organizing Committee will not be held liable to any injuries or losses incurred as a result of a participant’s participation in this competition.
• Participants are required to give their fullest cooperation to the Comic Fiesta organizers and its crew throughout their participation of this competition and its parent event.
• The Comic Fiesta Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify, with due reason, any participant found contravening any of the rules stated above.
• The Comic Fiesta Organizing Committee reserves the right to use any footage captured through the competition and the likeness of any participant for the promotion of the Cosplay Invitational, Comic Fiesta and any of its sister events.
• The Comic Fiesta Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the details of this competition at their own discretion without prior information.


Detailed Rules & Regulations
General Competition Rules & Regulations

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