Cosplay Invitational


Comic Fiesta 2018 Cosplay Invitational


Through competitions, come winners. And from the performance of the winners, it’s apparent that cosplay is serious business. Armed with passion, dedication and determination, cosplayers from all around the country step up the stage to show you what they’re worth.

Cosplay Invitational is coming back for the fourth time to Comic Fiesta 2018! (How can we not, after all the fabulous performances this past 4 years~?!) If you think you’re awesome and you know you can do it like our past winners (if not better), it’s your destiny to join us.

Here’s what you need to know to enter:


The timeline for Cosplay Invitational 2018 is as follows…
Direct Invitation – TAGCC 7th & 8th April
Direct Invitation – Animangaki: Date to be confirmed
Direct Invitation – Comic Fiesta Mini: Date to be confirmed
Direct Invitation – CosMart: Date to be confirmed

Nomination Submission Deadline: Date to be confirmed
Nomination Confirmation (latest): Date to be confirmed
Voting Period: Date to be confirmed
Finalists Confirmation: Date to be confirmed

Finalists Photography Session: TBA


Slots: Eight (8)
Performance Format: 3 – 8 minutes, Free Skit
Judges: To Be Announced
Judging Format:
Three (3) person judging team:
– 35% Costume
– 40% Performance Value
– 15% Character Portrayal
– 10% Judge’s Bonus

Grand Prize – RM2500.00 + Personalized Medals + Group Name Engraved in the Parteh Cup.
1st Runner-Up – RM1500.00 + Personalized Medals
2nd Runner-Up – RM1000.00 + Personalized Medals
Crowds’ Choice – RM100.00 + Personalized Plaque
Best Saikang Award x 2 – Personalized Medals


*Cosplayer Exchange Program
A winning team may be invited to participate in a Cosplayer Exchange Program to perform overseas. In such cases,

  • The overseas trip will be offered to the Grand Prize winners first; if the Grand Prize winner declines, the overseas trip will then be offered to the 1st Runner Up.
  • In the interest of expanding the experience, if the Grand Prize winner has participated in the overseas trip on the (immediate) year before, the overseas trip will then be offered to the 1st Runner Up instead.
  • The precise dates of the overseas trip would be subject to the availability of Comic Fiesta’s partnering event(s).
  • Flights and accommodation for the winning team member(s) will be covered for the overseas trip; saikangs, and/or assistants will not be included.
  • Each winning team member(s) may bring along no more than one (1) additional travelling partner/assistant; any additional travelling partners/assistants must cover for their own flights and accommodation.


Detailed Rules & Regulations
General Competition Rules & Regulations