Cosplay Invitational – Eligibility


Entry into the Cosplay Invitational is by invitation only.
There are two (2) ways to gain an invitation:
• Gaining a Direct Invitation through an affiliated event*.
• Being voted and shortlisted in Online Invitation through public nomination.



*Affiliated Events
The winner of the cosplay competition of each of our affiliated events will be given a Direct Invitation to the Cosplay Invitational. Our affiliated events are,
• TAGCC 2018
• Animangaki 2018
• Comic Fiesta Mini 2018
• CosMart 2018
Note: All competing cosplay groups registered for Animangaki 2018 & Comic Fiesta Mini 2018 will automatically be submitted for nomination.

Online Invitation
There will be four (4) Online Invitations to be given out this year.

Nomination Submission Deadline: Date to be confirmed
Nomination Confirmation (latest): Date to be confirmed
Voting Period: Date to be confirmed
Finalists Confirmation: Date to be confirmed

To nominate a person/group, kindly send an email in English to [email protected] with the following details:
– Facebook account, E-mail address and Contact number of the nominee. (you can nominate yourself. 😉 )
– Link to a video of the nominee’s sample skit; either in rehearsal of the skit they wish to do, or of themselves in other performance-centric cosplay competitions.

To be eligible for nomination, you (either solo or group) must:
– Be aged 13 and above.
– Be able to attend Pre-event briefing on Friday, 16th December 2016.
– Be able to attend Day 2 of Comic Fiesta 2016.
– Have a video of a sample skit* available online.
– For groups, the members cannot exceed more than three (3) people.
*Priority will be given to nominations with videos from competitions held from Oct 2015 onwards.

Again, we need to remind you that participants must be above the age of 12; participants aged 17 or below are required to submit a letter of permission from their parents upon invitation.


Detailed Rules & Regulations
General Competition Rules & Regulations